Kids’ mood and energy levels can change a lot during the day. One moment they might feel happy and full of energy, and the next, tired and out of sorts. There are few strategies that you can use to help your kids feel their best all day.

  1. Start their day with a healthy breakfast.
    Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day because it sets the tone for the entire day. Eating a nutritious breakfast within a few hours after waking up provides the fuel kids need to be active and focused. Research has shown that it can also help with concentration, memory and learning. For quick and easy breakfast ideas, visit MyPlate. No time for breakfast? See if your school offers breakfast for students.
  2. Remind them to drink water throughout the day.
    Estimates suggest that nearly half of all school-age children aren’t adequately hydrated which has the potential to impact their mood, concentration, and energy level. Check out this newsletter issue for tips on helping your child stay hydrated.
  3. Limit added sugars.
    When kids consume a food or drink that is high in added sugar, their blood sugar levels rise and fall very quickly. This leaves them feeling tired, inattentive and grumpy. To identify the amount of added sugar in food and drinks, we recommend using the Nutrition Facts panel on product labels. See the Rethink Your Drink homepage for details.

By encouraging your kids start the day with a healthy breakfast, stay hydrated and limit sugary foods and drinks, you can help them feel their best all day, and also support their ability to concentrate and learn.

This issue was written by Justine Habibian, Ph.D., R.D.N. If you have a suggestion for a topic for the Insider, write to and receive a free, healthy drink recipe book.

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