For the past 50 years, National Nutrition Month® has been celebrated in March as a way to bring attention to the importance of healthy food and drink choices. This year’s theme is Fuel for the Future. This means making choices with sustainability in mind. By doing so, we can nourish our bodies and protect the environment. Keep reading to learn how your family can Fuel for the Future with healthy drinks.

Drink tap water.

The water that comes out of the faucet is best for your wallet and the environment. Drinking tap water is safe and costs only a few cents per day compared to bottled water. This habit also eliminates the packaging waste from bottled water. Offer kids water often to help them stay hydrated and healthy.

Keep it simple.

Fat-free and low-fat milk are nutritious and cheaper compared to highly processed milk alternatives. A cup of milk costs about 23 cents per cup. That’s much less than the typical cost of almond milk (45 cents per cup) and oat milk (85 cents per cup). Fat-free and low-fat milk also have the nutrients kids need for strong bones and teeth, and a healthy heart.

Make drinks at home.

You can save money, reduce waste and provide your family tasty and healthy drinks by making your own at home. Need some inspiration? Check out these recipes. They are simple and quick to make – perfect for busy families.

Fuel for the Future with Go drinks like water and fat-free or low-fat milk can help your family stay healthy now and throughout their life. To learn more about National Nutrition Month®, visit

This article was written and reviewed by Rethink Your Drink Nevada’s team of dietetic professionals.

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