Kids love school parties and celebrations. From birthdays to holidays, kids and parents have lots of reasons to celebrate. Many schools welcome parents’ involvement in these special events. Although sweet treats are ok in small amounts, making celebrations healthy can help create excitement about nourishing habits kids can take with them for years to come. Below are some ideas to help make your school holiday special, without the added sugar.

  1. Have a special activity.  Having the focus of your special celebration centered around fun instead of sweet treats can help set the tone for the event. Kids love special activities. Having a song with movement, a puppet show using simple props, or a fun game that involves everyone are a few ideas.


  1. Bring fruit. If it’s your child’s birthday or a class party, bring some fruit to share instead of a sweet treat. Having your child choose their favorite fruit to bring the class can make them feel special and involved in their celebration. Fruit also has lots of health benefits and can help energize them for the rest of the day.


  1. Serve a Rethink Your Drink recipe. Rethink Your Drink recipes can help make your holiday festive! Rethink Your Drink has 40 recipes available on our website that are easy and only cost a few cents a serving to make. There are lots of fun ways to serve these recipes to make them even more special. After you’ve made your recipe, post a picture, and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @rethinkyourdrinknevada.

If you are planning to bring a food or drink for a school party, be sure to check with the classroom teacher about what is allowed.

There are many fun ways to celebrate that support children’s health. More ideas on how to make your celebrations healthy can be found here.

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