It’s natural for you to want to help your kids stay healthy. As the parent or caregiver, talking about limiting sugary drinks may not be easy or fun, but it will help your kids stay healthy. Limiting sugary drinks can help prevent cavities, maintain a healthy weight and prevent heart disease. Most kids and many adults drink too many sugary drinks. Keep reading to learn how to chat with your kids about limiting sugary drinks.

What do YOU drink? Remember that your kids look up to you as a role model. If you are limiting sugary drinks, they will be more likely to do so too. When you go to the grocery store, consider buying less sugary drinks. If they aren’t in your home, your family won’t drink them as often.

What is a healthy drink? Remember that tap water, non-fat or low-fat milk, and 100% fruit juice are healthy drink options. When kids are thirsty, offer them water or non-fat milk. Fruit juice should be limited to no more than 4-6 oz per day for children 1-6 years-old and no more than 8-12 oz per day for children 7-18 years-old. For more healthy and affordable drink recipes, visit

Write down your goals to limit sugary drinks. The first step in monitoring your family’s progress is to keep track of how many sugary drinks your family consumes. Then, it’s time to consider how you would like to limit sugary drinks. Limiting the number of sugary drinks, the amount of sugary drinks, and the occasions sugary drinks are consumed are good starting points.

Monitor your progress. Keep track of how many sugary drinks your family consumes. You can use this form or create your own. Compare your progress to the goals you set for your family. If you’ve met your goals or if you are still trying to meet them, don’t give up! Change can be challenging, and remember that setbacks are part of the process. Celebrate each success, because these changes will benefit your kids’ health for the rest of their lives.

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