You may have noticed sparking or carbonated water beverages (club soda, soda water, fizzy water, seltzer) at your local store. Have you ever wondered if these drinks are healthy for your kids? Keep reading to find out the facts about these popular drinks.

What is sparking water? Sparking or carbonated water is water that has added carbon dioxide to it under pressure. The product is the “fizzy” water that produces a bubbly sensation that your kids may enjoy.

Check for added sugars and salt! Some of these  drinks have added sugar and salt (sodium). Added sugar can damage kids’ teeth and  contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Too much sodium can contribute to high blood pressure. Check the ingredients list for other sources of added sugar.

Check the cost. Sparking water beverages without added sugar can be a healthy choice for kids. It can help them stay hydrated and quench their thirst.  However, sparking water should not replace tap water. Tap water is completely safe and free. Sparking water beverages, on average, cost $0.48/cup. This cost can add up over time.

The bottom line: These drinks can be a fun beverage for your kids once in awhile, but they should not replace water. Try some of our healthy, sugar-free beverage recipes made with sparking water at

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