Using these little tricks can make a BIG difference and will set your children up for making healthy beverage choices!

  1. Give healthy drinks center stage. Visibility of food is extremely important. Whatever your kids’ eyes see first will be the drink they start thinking about. Make healthy drinks, such as fat-free and low-fat milk, water, or one of our tasty recipes front and center in your fridge. This will get their mind thinking about drinking these healthy beverages instead of sugary drinks.
  2. Make sugary drinks hard to find. Just as healthy drinks should be given the spotlight in the fridge, unhealthy beverages should be hidden out of sight. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is very true when it comes to making healthy beverage choices. Bringing sugary drinks home less often is the easiest way to avoid temptation.
  3. Use small glasses for sugary drinks. When you do serve sugary drinks, use small glasses or tall, skinny glassware to serve smaller portions. Research shows that larger dishes means serving yourself and others larger portions. Help your kids limit sugary drinks by serving in small portions when your family does have them.
  4. Plan ahead. Plan all of your meals and drinks ahead of time so you can maximize your healthy beverage options. It’s easy to make healthy decisions when you’ve got a plan and healthy foods at your disposal.
  5. Post your goals on your fridge! Sit down with your family and make a goal to limit sugar drinks. Write everyone’s goal down using the goals form on our website and post it on your fridge. With your goal in sight every day, your children will remember their goals! Make a special treat when each goal is accomplished, such as a special trip to a park or letting them choose fun stickers to play with.


Beverage choices are important. Help keep your children healthy by setting your kitchen up for success!

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